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An expats view in Holland.

You know you are in the Netherlands when………

You get a stiff neck from looking up at all the tall people
You sit on a sofa/ chair/ loo seat and your legs don’t touch the ground,
You are in a city and there are more bikes than people……..and pigeons
You are never more than 100 feet from a river, dyke, canal, windmill or a bike or pigeon
You never have to walk, run or pedal up a hill.
You get a little cookie on your saucer with your coffee
You get free coffee in the hardware store, supermarket, hairdressers, hospital etc.
The roads are so smooth you can drink your coffee while driving and not spill a drop
When health insurance is only about €200 per month and that covers everything. No co pays, no extra sneaky fees, wait that sounds like UPakWeShip!
You are walking on the pavement or sidewalk and competing for space with herds of pedal bikes who are in turn competing with unhelmeted scooter vespar men and women going 45 mph on said pavement / sidewalk!
All the cyclists, moped and scooter people don’t wear helmets on the cycle paths or pavements.
The whole family passes you by,……on one bike!
Your flag is red white and blue but your favorite color is orange.
You are a King but you still sneak off and fly a KLM plane once in a while.
You have lived here for six months and still can speak a word of Dutch due to their brilliant command of the English language and our inept use of our throats to get any dutch type noise out of our mouths.
There is no hot water to wash your hands in public toilets, even our office kitchen doesn’t have hot water and our half bath at home does not see the need to provide hot water. Come on Dutchies whats the problem? Its not exactly tropical here?
When the sun eventually comes out and every square foot of sunshiny outdoors has someone sitting in it …..or maybe a cat.

If you are moving to the Netherlands / Europe from the USA or moving from Holland / Europe to the United States, don’t forget to ask UPakWeShip for an all inclusive door to door International Moving and Shipping  Quote.

Cheers, The International  Moving Doctor.

Mark Nash
Mark Nash
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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