U-Crates en route to customers!

If you’re wondering how life at UPakWeShip European HQ is going – the one word we can definitely use is busy!

After being somewhat affected by travel restrictions initially, it’s all-go now in Rotterdam, as more and more people are looking to move throughout the summer.

Here’s a picture of our HQ exterior, where the U-Crates are waiting to be sent to customers for them to load and be collected:

Wondering what a U-Crate is? Or how the service works?

Our U-Crates are bespoke, UPakWeShip crates (think, very large, sturdy boxes) that are designed for you to pack your belongings into. When you book online, you can choose from a U-Crate 50 or 100, both are door-to-door services and will be delivered to your home in flatpack form!

The flat rates found on our website are all-inclusive prices. No matter what you’re packing, or how much it weighs within the set limit, every customer in your area pays the same price from A to B.

Once your U-Crate has arrived (as pictured) you can take as long as you like sorting out your belongings, packing them into boxes and even figuring out the most optimal way to pack your U-Crate on moving day.

You’ll be in touch with your shipping coordinator throughout this period, and can decide on a moving day slightly later, or, if you have a date in mind, you can put that in at booking.

On moving day, simply pack up your U-Crate at your front door and await its collection. Your U-Crate comes with four walls, a base, a lid, a covering, and straps, so it will be extremely secure! At full capacity, the U-Crate are extremely heavy, so we use a pallet jack to pick them up and put them onto the container.

You sign away your U-Crate, and away it goes! You’ll see it at your front door in a few weeks time, depending on where you’re heading.

We pride ourselves on being a personable company, with you from start to finish of your move. For more information on U-Crates, pallets, and our container options, check out our website!

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