Moving to Holland, grocery shopping

Looking for slagroom!
  Did you know You can get coffee everywhere in Holland, even a free cup in the supermarket while you are shopping.
You need a Slagroom with that? Oh yes Shopping in the Netherlands is about as fun as international moving! Yes everyone speaks English but that doesn’t really help when you are in the supermarket staring at the fridge wondering is that carton with slagroom written on it is sour cream, single cream, married cream, yoghurt or a local delicacy. The same goes for cheese! Yes I know it’s cheese but I have no idea if im looking at a chunk of cheddar, gouda, American or Munster. Actually I soon learnt it was all gouda! The good news is all meet and poultry has a picture of the animal it came from. Well not the actual animal, seeing a picture of “Wilbur” before it was made into chops would spoil the appetite but at least you know from the picture on the package if you are looking at beef, pork or chicken for example. Flour was a tricky one, it took us a while to realize wheat flour was normal all purpose flour. The sausage roll looking things at the bakery are pot luck, sometimes they are sausage but other times cheese or something else I am not sure about.
Most things you are used to from America can be found here but not necessarily in the same place as you would expect them.
Check out is a challenge! We are spoiled in the USA, First you have to empty everything out of the cart yourself and load it onto the conveyor belt. That’s when you realize you forgot to bring your own shopping bags so you have to buy them extra. Then you have to stand at the end of the sloping down chute and pile everything into the bags at the same speed as check out person can scan and send down the sloping chute. Just as you realize you have created a bottle neck and there is a food jam on the belt, some Dutch words are said to you which we presume are do you have a rewards card, your total is blah blah and do you need a receipt. As you pay you go back to piling everything into bags again as next shoppers stuff comes down the chute to mix in with yours. Its at this time you realize you need another plastic shopping bag for 15 cents. Oh by the way most don’t take credit cards so only cash or local debit card are your payment options.
Screw having a coffee with some slagroom, I need a Dutch beer!

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Mark Nash
Mark Nash
"The Moving Doctor", Mark Nash has been in the moving business for over 33 years and currently sits on the board of the International Shippers Association and the Commercial Affairs committee at the International Association of Movers (IAM).

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